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My google-fu is failing me, next stop is Ask Mefi but I thought I’d give you lot the chance to impress…

We have a Lexmark Z55 printer, came with the PC and has served us well for our meagre printing needs. Until now, of course, as Louise needs it to print some inserts for some wedding invites she’s working on.

Thought: Why is it that things only fail when you REALLY need them to work?

Now, when trying to print (anything) the printer will happily turn itself on and spool the document into the print queue but after that it fails to do anything.

Just sits there, brooding, like we called it a bad name… which we have but only since it started playing silly buggers.

I’ve googled, changed a variety of settings – bi-directional this, spooling order that – I’ve updated drivers, uninstalled the printer, re-installed it with the original drivers from the original CD, checked the USB cable, checked the power cable, checked the paper tray and ink levels, and I’ve even stood on one leg with the wind blowing from the east whilst gently stroking the paper feed button… all to no avail.

We were going to be getting a new printer anyway, Louise is using it a lot more these days but money wise it’s not an option until the end of the month, by which time she needs to have the wedding invites finished!

I’m stumped. I’ve uninstalled everything I can think of, re-installed everything else I can come up with and still the exact same scenario plays out. Print, wait, nothing. I’m hoping it’s not the printer itself but it’s increasingly looking that way. Oy.

So it’s over to you lot. Any ideas? Suggestions? Please go easy on any sarcasm as we really REALLY need to get this working ASAP. HELP!

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