Fool to myself

Regular readers will be bored silly of my repeated assertions of just How Busy I Am, and how I’ve been trying To Get More Organised.

So, rather than harp on again, I’ll just preface any posts that may, or may not, appear this week with the disclaimer of I Am Busy.

There, now I can post willy-nilly on all matter of silly subjects, pepper my posts with poor punctuation, and leave my spelling to the mercy of the gods of entymology (not even sure if I spelled that right, don’t care either). The latter point may seem lazy but I’m always assured that someone (he of the recent shave) will be a worser speller than I.

I’d love to blog about the news in more depth, so many fun topics to be had at the moment. Gordon Brown assuring us that it’s OK for the Chancellor to be talking about ID cards in depth, whereas I’d say it’s more a job for the Home Secretary. On the other hand I’d probably have to guess who the Home Secretary was (Clarke?) so maybe it’s more a PR issue than a ‘honing my skills to become PM’ exercise by Mr. Brown. I do follow politics but not the people involved in it. Obviously.

The Winter Games are boring me so not much to cover there, with the exception and expectation of the start of the curling. G’wan yerself Rhona!

Leo Sayer back at the Top of the Pops is also making news, although the only reason he is there is because of a remix of a track of his. Nevertheless I’m sure he’ll claim some credit even if it was probably quicker to use his vocals than have then re-recorded. And no, I’ve not heard it.

Saddam back in court, and he’s beginning to both annoy and raise a few smiles. That is one smart man but I wonder how long this mockery of a trial will continue (forever?).

Snow is the dish of the day in New York, or at least I presume it is as they’ve just received a rather large batch of it. National disaster is soon to be declared, if you believe some reports, yet most of the bloggers in the area are still at the “cool, check out all the snow! [dude]” stage. If ever there was a chance for the largest snowball fight in history, this is it. Everyone in New York, be in Times Square at 6pm. Bring snowballs. The rest of us will watch (although the available views are kinda rubbish).

And finally it was good to have 24 back on our screens last night. As the reviewer in this mornings Metro said, the minute the opening “beep… boop… beep… boop…” credits start, your sense of disbelief rolls its eyes and disappears behind the sofa but it’s still a great show. Ten minutes in and my jaw had hit the floor twice, and already the “who is a baddie?” discussions have begun. Jack’s back, baby. Jack’s back.