RSS This

I’ve updated the feeds available from this site (and one day I’ll figure a nice clean way to present the choices, for now this is all you get).

The main site feed now includes a daily cull of my links. Thanks largely to the lazy sheep bookmarklet, I’m using a lot more these days, and when I spotted that FeedBurner could grab and combine links from there as well I thought “why not?”.

Finally I’d like to introduce the new Super-Duper Trough of Informationtm feed. Powered by Suprglu (where you can also see the information displayed on a web page) it pulls in content from my blog, the overflow,, haloscan, flickr, and Blimey.

One thing to note is that the Super-Duper Trough of Informationtm seems to take a wee while to notice the most recent post, but if you want an entire view of my online shenanigans, it’s the one to choose. And yes I did originally create the Super-Duper Trough of Informationtm for my own personal use, my ego isn’t THAT big.

So you now have a choice of feeds:

  1. Posts only
  2. Posts + daily links
  3. Overflow (miniblog) posts only
  4. Super-Duper Trough of Informationtm

Right. If you would like anything else added, or removed let me know. Hopefully there are options enough to satisfy all 100 or so of you who actually use the damn things.