Old songs say so much

Meme-like post ahoy!

I’ve been on a musical voyage of re-discovery lately, digging through dusty CDs and uncovering some albums I’d forgotten about. Some, I’ll happily admit, haven’t really stood up against the ravages of time and my changing musical tastes; one Kevin McDermott Orchestra CD has worn so badly you can see through parts of it, and I’m still not entirely sure WHY I bought that Army of Lovers CD…

On the plus side I did discover a couple of albums that, at the time, I listened to almost non-stop. One was The Senseless Things album The First of Too Many, and brought back many vivid memories. The main one being how I’d rushed to record it onto tape to take it with me on my walkman (a constant companion through university and long walks through Glasgow) and how one of the tracks got split during the ‘reverse’ of the tape sides…

Just for kicks I bashed “Senseless Things” into Google to find, to my amazement, that not only had they appeared on a Peel session or three, but that the album cover was designed by Jamie Hewlett. Yes, the same Jamie Hewlett that drew (and co-created) Tank Girl and the same Jamie Hewlett that co-created and is responsible for the “art” side of Gorillaz . Who’d a thunk it?

Anyway, enough waffling from me, over to you guys. Which albums have you recently re-discovered in your collection?

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