Empty Recycle Bin

Excuse me, but I really need to get all this stuff out of my head.

  • Hot feet – every morning when I come into work I follow the same routine. Turn on the PC, login to email, scan the subject lines and then grab a coffee. Every morning I end up feeling too hot and find that only taking my shoes off helps. Just me?
  • iTunes – why won’t you delete files from my PC anymore? I know I shouldn’t have selected to ‘never display this confirmation again’ but I thought you’d be nice enough to allow me to turn on that prompt again. But no, you seem to be in the huff which is a pity as we were getting on so well…
  • Time flies – except it doesn’t. It’s only that as you grow older you notice it is advancing, you are too busy as a kid to care.
  • Football – Man Utd take on Chelsea on Sunday, I’ll be watching. Someone recently mentioned that I don’t talk about football much so I’ll be addressing that notion soon.
  • Windows XP/NeoWin MultiPatcher – OK. I’ll start with XP, I gave you your upgrade to SP2 (finally), and it was fine. Everything still works, except for the NeoWin Patch (for those that don’t know, the NeoWin patch allows you to apply 3rd party styles to Windows XP, same as StyleXP without the resource overhead or monetary impact). I’ve installed it, restarted, double-clicked this, sworn at that and bang the desk like a petulant child. Why won’t you work?
  • BUZZ – visited my Gran last night and noticed that her wee portable stereo was buzzing very loudly (so loudly that she had noticed as well, saying something as she’s increasingly becoming deaf). It was turned off, so I unplugged it and told her I’d get her a new one. Double checked it at home and there was no noise at all. Most odd. Could it be the power socket?
  • Sod and his laws – Autoglass are coming on Sunday to replace the windscreen (excess of £60) so it’s only natural that there is now a bump in the front wing (excess of £100).
  • Music – Aimee Mann has been dominating my playlist for the past week or so, with Joni Mitchell a close second. However I am really looking forward to Paul Anka’s Rock Swings album but I don’t know why. Ohh and the new Kate Bush album… yes… it is, isn’t it.

Busy weekend ahead for me, not least fixing a few oddities here and getting another website launched… somewhere else… it’s all about one man designs (and that’s all yer getting for the moment). I plan to get round ALL my favourite blogs as well, so make sure you have something interesting for me to read (I know, I know, pot… kettle.. etc etc).

And yes, I know this post looks funny in IE. Should be ok in other browsers though.