Fingers crossed

I’m standing in Balloch Park as the rain falls, my beer has gone all watery and we’re all trying to be “cheery” because that’s what you do when you’ve been standing about in the rain for several hours. I feel like a stranger despite this being a “hometown” gig for me, and R.E.M. had better be as good as reported from the gig on Tuesday at Glasgow Green or the day will be a complete and literal washout.


At this very moment I’m sitting on a rug in Balloch Park, it’s a little overcast but no sign of rain, I’m a few beers to the good and I’m enjoying a great day with my friends. I’ve spotted and chatted with some old friends and some of the peeps of the interwebnet that I knew were coming. R.E.M. are just about to come on stage and from what I’ve read about their gig on Tuesday at Glasgow Green it should be pretty damn good.

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