Lynn has left us (last week people, DO keep up) and the blogging world is sad. I’ve swapped postcards with her and despite my insistence that her name was Michelle on more than one occasion, she was always kind, helpful and just a lovely fuzzily warm person. I wish her well.

In a completely unrelated (as yet) moment I removed the blogroll from this site. Did anyone notice? That was last week as well, but given that I’ve not heard a peep from anyone I’m guessing it wasn’t used much anyway, right? MyBlogLog backs me up on this, which is good as that was one of the main reasons I installed it.

So, isn’t this awfully rude of me? Surely a blogwhore such as myself should have links up the wazoo, leaking all over the site, right? Well yes, I guess I should, I do feel a bit naughty but as last week progressed, and no-one called me on it, I wondered if it was really THAT big a deal?

Anyway, the blogroll may return at some point, you can access it on the links page anyway, but I think I may pick up the baton (or is that a knitting needle?) left by Lynn. She had a semi-regular feature, culled from a long forgotten internet “movement” – the AORTAL – where she’d proffer forth a couple of websites that she thought others would find interesting.

The idea kind of snuck up on me, but obviously my brain, prompted by Peter on Saturday and a few other factors, has decided that this is a good thing, and will tide me over until … well… later…

I’ll try and keep the feature regular, probably monthly but we’ll see how it goes.

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