Even if you don’t agree with his methods, if you’ve caught any of episodes of Derren Brown’s show Trick of the Mind, you’ll have to admit that he is very talented at what he does. Some of the results are remarkable. If you caught any of his first series you can see he is building on the foundations of the methods he developed back then but it’s one thing having a rough idea of how something is done, quite another to do it.

I’m not a fan of his more grandiose projects, the live Russian roulette was in a little poor taste, and think the series showcases his talents much better. Watching him bemuse a scouser into handing over his watch, wallet, keys and mobile phone, TWICE in quick succession was both hilarious and fascinating. If you are really interested, he reveals some secrets from the last series on his Channel Four website (including how those people in the phone boxes ended up slumped on the floor after a thirty second phonecall).

Tonights show, has him guess what object someone is thinking of as they stare into space, get slapped by Jo Whiley (lucky devil) and the finale is quite creepy, nasty and possibly a little sick, you are warned of this before the segment starts. I’m not going to spoil it for you, suffice to say that I was uttering various swearwords as the reveal slowly took place. “Twisted fucker” being one of the more choice phrases.

So tune in tonight, 9.30pm on Channel Four.

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