Round and Round

I understand spammers, they blast out millions of emails in the hope of catching a few gullible fools. Simple enough, even if I would like to string a few of the buggers up, smear them in jam and crack open a wasps nest.

Referrer spam isn’t new but appears to be on the rise, well it is here at any rate, latest counts tell me I’m getting around 30 referrer spam entries a day. It does seem to have started suddenly as well, one week nothing, the next I’m getting some weird and wonderful referrer links showing up in my logs. I’m trying to think if I’ve registered anywhere in the past couple of weeks but can’t recall doing so – other than for BackPack but they’ve had my details for ages.

I won’t provide any specific links but there are two current culprits with URLs that end in “f r e e b o x DOT r u” and “o x s o DOT n e t”. The latter doesn’t actually load anything, the other loads one huge page of classic literature (the source depends on what goes at the start of the URL). Most odd.

Anyone else noticing this, or is it just me?