Bankers Skive

Standing around in the rain isn’t the best way to spend a hungover Sunday morning, but then neither is working on a bank holiday Monday whilst several gallons of phlegm slosh around your head.

Anyway. Series finale of Huff last night, and boy am I glad that a second series has been ordered. Of course I’d have loved to have confirmed this on the show’s official website but alas, as you’ll see if you visit, those “pages are intended for access only from within the United States”.

There is a small bell ringing in my head that I’ve read about this recently on another blog.. nope, can’t remember. Anyone??
UPDATE: Twas the lovely Meg which as David points out I’ve already mentioned. I’m so well organised, aren’t I. Wish I could REMEMBER that I was that well organised. DOH.

So what’s all that about then, why on earth would you limit access to a website for a TV show that is syndicated into Europe (and probably other regions). How long will take for these companies to “get” the web properly? The entire point is that ANYONE ANYWHERE can access the information about that fabuluous TV show you’ve commissioned, they want to see if you have anything else in the pipeline that might be as good. Sheesh.

Anyway, Huff was an intelligently written and superbly acted show and it was nice to see Hank Azaria playing a ‘normal’ character, he’s quite an accomplished actor as well as being the voice of many Simpsons characters, and despite the show revolving around his character you never really felt it was all about him until last nights episode. Cleverly written, brilliantly acted.

Oliver Platt stole most of the scenes he was in, and as the series progressed you go from loathing him to loving him as he slowly reveals the real person behind the drinking, drug taking selfish idiot he starts out as. Paget Brewster (is she a relation of Sean Young?) also grew into the role the further the series developed, and showed that there is more to her than a short spell in Friends (the one where Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend, that’s Paget Brewster). Blythe Danner was excellent as Huff’s mother, slowly pickling her liver whilst dishing out backhand insults left right and centre. If it is repeated I’d highly recommended you watch it, I just hope that they trim the opening title sequence for the next series.

So we now have a hole in our viewing, 24 is still going (SHUSH, not watched last nights yet!!), Grand Designs allows us to dream of having enough money to build our own house, but apart from that… well House and Boston Legal are recorded but not watched yet, they come recommended but I’ll hold off judgement, anyone watched them?

One thing I did record last night, with many thanks to the Paramount Comedy Channel, was the TV series of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Real reviews of the movie, as in reviews from people I know or whose blog I read, are trickling in and they’re not too favourable. Of course I’m aware that the books hold a special place in many home libraries and that films rarely stack up against the books they come from – how on earth could they, competing with millions of different imaginations – but I’ll still be going to see it.