Firefox question – Anyone know how to display a webpage in the sidebar?

Lyle asks “Huh?” so let me expand on this.

In Firefox, if you select View > Sidebar, you can open various useful things like your bookmarks, or your browser history (where did all that p*rn come from!!). I want to know if there is anyway (manually, Firefox extension, add-on program) to display a webpage there. I’ve tried dragging a URL or shortcut to no avail.

Why? Because it will make editing the HaloScan Wiki much easier, as I’m constantly switching back and forth from the Recent Changes page. If I could have that page in my sidebar… see? There IS a good reason!


Problem solved! With thanks to the venerable diamond geezer who points out that to display a web page in the sidebar you need to:

Find Manage Bookmarks in the Bookmarks menu.
Right-click on any web page and select Properties.
Then tick the box that’s labelled, unbelievably, Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

I post this here to preserve this piece of knowledge. Thank you dg, you’ve just made my life much MUCH easier.