Bloggies 2005

The results are in.

But before I pick out some of my choices I thought I’d take a moment to jot down why I’m quite interested in the results. Quite simply, I want to win one.

No I’m kidding (well kinda), despite all the easy arguments against this kind of thing I think it’s valuable to have ONE set of awards to represent this thing called blog. The Bloggies is where we should be pointing the journalists, where the focus should be, and whilst they are never going to be completely representative they do at least offer both a reasonably wide range of TYPES of blog but they also all have one crucial thing in common (for the most part).

They are all quite good.

They may not be the best of the best but they all meet at least a basic standard of readability for anyone new, something I think is fairly crucial given that blogs are grabbing more and more of the limelight from other media sources.

Enough of that.

Firstly huge congratulations to my friend with the WONDERBRA new design. Best European Weblog – Well deserved zoe, very much well deserved.

And then onto the recently married Shauna who, despite winning Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog is listed as a Scottish Blogger as she currently resides in Edinburgh.

Shoo-in award went to Tom Coates (Lifetime Achievement isn’t bad after only four years!) and he greedily nabbed Best British or Irish Weblog as well! Personally I think the Fairy was done on the latter one.

Best Photography of a Weblog
justifiably went to Daily Dose of Imagery – search his site for some of the timelapsed animations, awesome stuff.

Most Humorous Weblog HAD to go to Heather, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve spat my coffee all over my keyboard whilst reading the last tales of the chaos that is her life. I do think that Best Writing of a Weblog should’ve gone to Londonmark though, I just don’t know how he does it.

So not everything panned out as I’d hoped it would, particularly, ESPECIALLY given his recent output, that mike didn’t grab the “sandwich” award for Best Gay Lettuce Bacon and Tomato Weblog (well that’s what HE calls it). I do hope Peter still pays up with the prize!

Congrats to all the winners, and for once I’d both heard AND read most of the nominees this year.

As for 2006, well I’d like to officially launch my campaign – next year I want the Best-Kept-Secret Weblog Bloggie!