I’m rattling through my To-Do list for today, and I remember a comment I saw in the HaloScan forums last night. Jeevan pointed out that HaloScan had, justifiably, been nominated and I started to wonder how many of the Bloggies nominees used HaloScan. That lead me to ponder which blogging tool was the most popular and so, with that in mind, I present the following statistics for your perusal.

Of the 115 different sites that were nominated (some were nominated in more than one category and I’m excluding blog tools):

  • 43 use Moveable Type
  • 30 use Blogger
  • 8 use WordPress
  • 7 use Typepad

The other 27 use either Blogware, Ecto, ExpressionEngine, Mambo, Manila, Nucleus, pMachine, tBlog, Textpattern, hand coded their site or (for 3 sites) I couldn’t ascertain what they were using.

So whilst not particularly stringent or scientific I think it confirms what I thought. Despite Blogger having the lions share of users, the majority of “good” bloggers use Moveable Type. In fact only 34.5% of the nominees use Blogger. I wonder if that number is up or down from previous years (CBATG).

Ohh and HaloScan features on 16 of the nominated sites, and 14 of the Blogger powered sites listed.