Some quick thoughts on a very quick scan across the BBC News website front page.

Ivan Noble has been diagnosed with a new tumour – I’ve read his diary on and off for a while, and as is often the case, cancer sufferers find strengths they didn’t know they had. I hope he gets through this latest setback.

Beckham is Britain’s richest footballer – Alas this kind of thing is considered ‘news’. I DO like the comment about no.2 in the list, Dennis Bergkamp, saying “Maybe Bergkamp’s second becauase he’s brighter than most, and has invested his money wisely”.

Bugs get the train too – one of the first ‘posts’ on this site (pre-Blogger days) covered this kind of ‘research’. That time it was about the wearing of sunglasses, this one is researching “whether commuters packed on trains face a greater risk of catching cold and flu viruses”. This first thought that springs to mind is “Well, DUH!”. And it’s the second and third thoughts as well. I wanna be a researcher. Money, old rope etc etc.

Rwandan troops in Congo – Why isn’t this headline news? Blunkett Schmunkett, if he goes, another one will replace him. People are DYING and yet this is rarely elevated much past a passing mention.