T in the Park – so far

As promised here is a ‘quick’ recap of your feedback so far. The bands are listed in no particular order, with the acts I’ll be trying the hardest to catch in bold.

  • Ben Kweller – recommended by Gillian and Robyn
  • Thea Gilmore – tentatively recommended by David
  • Michael Franti – Gillian says “MUST see” and Mike confirms that he “should be excellent”
  • Spearhead – Another “MUST see” according to Gillian
  • Electric Six – “put on a great show” said Adrian
  • Mull Historical Society – recommended by Diamond Geezer, “must see” said Graybo, “Nice boys, good tunes” said Mike
  • Orbital – “oh God, yes, YES” climaxed Mike
  • Amy Winehouse – Mike suspects “that it might all come together on stage”
  • Alfie – recommended by Graybo, “definitely worth a punt” according to Mike
  • Glitterati – tentatively recommended by Adrian “They’re not bad”
  • Felix Da Housecat – recommended by Graybo, “could be terrific” said Mike
  • Basement Jaxx – recommended by ME and Mike
  • Carl CraigMike says to “expect plenty of musicality, variety and depth”
  • Tiga – “should be fun” said Mike
  • Mylo – “Hell yeah” said Mike
  • Chemical Brothers – “has to be done” says Mike and Rob “definitely wouldn’t miss” them
  • Groove Armada – are an “excellent live act” according to Mike and Rob agrees they “would probably be a lot of fun”
  • The Zutons – “Are really good” says Gillian
  • British Sea Power – like me, Mike has “heard good things from friends I trust”
  • Goldfrapp – “are pretty good live” according to Lyle, with Mike stating they are “definitely be one of my Must Sees”
  • Massive AttackLyle ponders “what can I say?” (in a MUST SEE kinda way), Mike remembers that “they were great when I saw them”
  • The Killers – Paulpod reckons I should “take the time to see them”
  • StellaStarr – again Paulpod reckons I should “take the time to see them”
  • The Rapture – are “brilliant live… have loads of energy” says Gillian


On Thursday and Friday I’ll be switching it around and giving you MY take on the acts appearing on the main stage, of course your comments are always welcomed, and hopefully by Saturday I’ll have managed to have invented a time travelling machine which will allow me to get to see all these great acts!

As a side note, special thanks to Mike (I’m not linking to him AGAIN). Your extensive comments are very much appreciated, and I’m formulating a proper way to thank you…

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