T in the Park #5

Saturday in the Slam Tent

CHOON!!! Throw your hands up in the air, Big box little box big box little box, glowsticks etc etc.

OK, the last of this week’s T in the Park info requests finds us heading into dance music. Some of which I don’t mind, a lot of which I can’t stand. Personally, House, Big Beat, Electronica are all fine. Trance, hardcore and anything which lacks that thing they call a ‘tune’ is to be steered clear of… so what about this lot?

  • Basement Jaxx – No question really. Must see!
  • Felix Da Housecat – Just the name puts me off
  • Carl Craig – Big name but what would I be getting?
  • Tiga – Know the name, I think…
  • Mylo – ditto
  • Tiefshwarz – Who?
  • Vector lovers – ditto
  • Carlos Adolfo Dominguez – ditto
  • Jim Hutchinson + Smoke – ditto

I’ll need your input here guys and gals, this is NOT my area of knowledge but I DO appreciate a good DJ. See you in the comments box!