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Firstly, my apologies for the tardiness of my appreciation. Thanks to everyone who wished me well last week. Sorry I took so long to remember to thank you!

In other, brief news, my DVD player, sent back to when it developed a display fault has been found faulty by their service department and a refund was issued yesterday. So today I purchased my new DVD player (which is actually a Home Theater System as well) a Lenoxx HT500. Not fully setup, but a quick test, saw multi-region DVDs, MP3 discs, and JPGs all displayed well. Just need to get a SCART switch box and I’ll be a happy man. Not bad for a ยฃ150 from Safeway (and a great spot by my Dad).

(Ohhh and I recommend DVD Help, if you are thinking of buying a cheap system.)

And onto my Gran’s exciting night. Background: my Gran is 84 (I think), smokes 2 cigarettes a day, drinks full fat milk, loads of butter and always has meat and 2 veg for her lunch and dinner. She suffers from bad varicose veins…

She went to bed last night around 1 a.m., and when removing her tights managed to catch a small scab on her leg, on one of the aforementioned varicose veins. Cue blood pumping scenes to rival the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She managed to phone 999, and was taken in to hospital, the stopped the bleeding, patched her up and dropped her off at 5:30 a.m.

She phoned my Mum at 9 a.m. this morning to tell her what had happened. They reckon she lost a couple of pints of blood and that she had actually managed to open an artery in her leg, hence all the blood sprayed up the walls and pooling on the floor.

Being the stubborn old woman that she is, she is of course fine and already fed-up of everyone ‘fussing about her like some sort of old woman invalid’ (this comment prompted my Mum to remind my Gran that she IS 84, had been up all night, lost two pints of blood and had nothing bar a cup of tea when the ambulance driver dropped her off in the wee small hours.

In other words, big drama, my Gran is fine, and I’m off to play with my new DVD player.

P.S. Having now moved properly to this domain I have real referrer logs back – look forward to the standard ‘can’t think of anything to blog’ fall back of top 10 search phrases etc etc.

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