Christmas Eve-eve-eve

Well, I survived the office party on Friday night. Excellent food courtesy of the new SAS Radisson in Glasgow (better picture – BIG), and a top night all in, although I must apologies to our new Sales Director as the 16 people who ended up back at his room did make quite a mess, although I wasn’t the last to leave there were a few people left when I decided to call it a ‘night’ at 4 a.m.

There are many little jokes and stories which, to be honest, you won’t find funny. You definitely had to be there/have worked for the company for a couple of years (or more).

Had our nephew over last night and trounced him several times on the PlayStation (which I was very suprised at having not touched it for months) and finally got around to seeing the Two Towers. Most impressed! Battle scenes were excellent and Gollum was brilliantly portrayed. I should point that I haven’t read the books. I’ve had them for ages but can never get myself in the right mood for them. It does mean that I am really enjoying the movies though as it is all ‘new’ and I have no preconceptions about how things should be portrayed. The only minor quibble is that the CG effects (whilst stunning) are occasionally not ‘quite right’. It’s enough to catch your eye, but doesn’t hinder your viewing of the film.

So tomorrow I make a final short trip to the shops to pick up those little bits and bobs we kept putting off, and then it will be Christmas-eve-eve and the excitement will be building.

I have absolutely no idea when or what I will be posting here over the next two weeks. I have a couple of definite tasks in mind (look out anyone who qualifies for Scottish Blogs) but other than that have very few plans for my holiday. If I don’t make it back before then, have a very Merry Christmas!!