Monday Morning Ramble

A whizz through the weekend, if you will.

Saturday, shopping in the smir, haar, or whatever kind of rain it was (it was the misty kind that you don’t really notice until you are soaked through). Saturday night, a pleasant suprise, we were attending a 40th Birthday party of a friend, one of those “we’d better go for a while” nights, and were happy to be there when the birthday ‘boy’ announced that he and his girlfriend were now man and wife. Hurrah! They had kept it secret from almost all of their family too. A wonderful night ensued.

Sunday, working in the garden. Slightly sunburnt. Tried to catch some more of the Commonwealth Games, and noted that BBC’s interactive service is built on some form of HTML. The giveaway? & amp; appearing on screen.

And finally this morning, a new arrival in our garden. A greater spotted woodpecker joined the throngs of blue tits, the great tit, coal tit, dunnock, magpies, wood pigeons, ohhh yes the fox and the squirrel. Quite the growing menagerie.