21 years young

The weekend looms, ominous and foreboding. First up, early night (ha ha heard it!) tonight. Tomorrow morning, weather dependant, cut grass and wash car. Pack overnight bag, drive past Hillington to fill car with helium balloons, and onto Dumbarton.

Top tip: if you ever have to transport a lot of helium balloons, take along a duvet cover, and put them in that.

Saturday night, the big night, my sister’s 21st birthday party. Can’t believe she is 21 already, that must make me 50-something surely.. Anyway I hope I last the night, as I plan on getting quite spectacularly drunk, or at least keep up with my sister.

Sunday is my sister’s birthday proper, a birthday brunch is the order of the day, then home to recuperate.

Bonus Weekend Day: Holiday on Monday! Weather dependant, more work on the garden, maybe a quick outing on the bike, or I’ll settle for the gym.

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