Friday Five

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1. What was the first thing you ever cooked?
A tuna and onion omelette. Sticks in my memory because it was the first time I’d made something and DIDN’T follow my Dad’s recipe. I did it my own way, and it was rather yummy if I say so myself. Still make my omelettes the same way (the secret is a good hot pan).

2. What’s your signature dish?
Cripes. Don’t really cook enough to have one, but if I did it would probably be something to do with potatoes. Or that stuffed chicken breast wrapped in parma ham topped with fried garlic I did once.

3. Ever had a cooking disaster?
LAST NIGHT! Had left chilli on low heat to reduce, and forgot to turn it off. Louise woke up this morning and thought “Why can I smell chilli?” Went downstairs to find a dark brown mass in bottom of pan.

4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal?
Starter: Ehhh not sure
Main Course: Have to be a perfectly cooked fillet steak. Moist, succulent, rare/medium. YUM. Accompanied by those creamed potatoes we had at Malmaison when we celebrated our anniversary.
Dessert: A creme brulee, or two… or three!
Wine: Walker’s Pass Cabernet Sauvignon, except I can’t find it anywhere anymore, dammit!

5. What are you doing this weekend?
Some minor DIY that I’ve put off all week. Watch the rugby (6 Nations tournament). Visit friend tonight, possible have sister-in-law over if she can summon up enough courage to drive over here, might need to meet her halfway. Try and finish Jak & Daxter!