Wow, it’s amazing how much I’ve come to depend on the Internet. A few server hassles at work meaning no Internet connection for most of the day. It’s not like I surf all day, but you know when you get that ‘hmmm I’ll just check..’ thought, imagine not being able to do that, especially when you are used to using the Internet regularly. Yikes.

I’m trying to think back to before the Internet was available, and quickly realising that I’ve never been in that situation. My first website went live in late 1995 (no longer there sadly), it was my first job (other than McDonalds), so I don’t know of any other way. How the hell did anyone find anything before it was there?

Mind you, maybe the current deadlines and aggressive product development times are manifest out of the immediacy we are all now familiar and comfortable with.

Ohh and six…stop!, you’re making me blush! Hmm that doesn’t read to well, it’s a simple case of mutual admiration. Go and see what I’m talking about!

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