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For the last few weeks I’ve been battling a chest infection, it’s still lingering but the worst is past. The reason I know this is that last night I got annoyed at the state of my kitchen and cleaned it for the first time in a few weeks, yup it seems I can assess my ‘wellbeing’ by my desire to tackle the things that annoy me and how much I want to do ‘something’ rather than just sitting about.

So, as I’m definitely on the mend – even if I’m not at 100% just yet – now is the time to get back to where I was which, given that it’s almost May, isn’t quite where I’d hoped I’d be this year. No, I don’t mean New Year resolutions, more the usual type of desires and habits I’d hoped to have stuck to which I’ve not.

Writing wise.. well, not so much with the writing. I had been keeping up with my Day One journal but that’s fallen away, and let’s not talk about the novel I’m trying to write which, it seems, is still percolating in my head. I don’t know if I’m not happy with the plot or just need to get my head down and finish writing the damn thing but it’s telling that somewhere in the back of my brain I’m not satisfied with how it is at the moment. But then again I guess that’s the point of a first draft, to explore the characters and make improvements on the rewrite.

Health wise, chest infection aside, I’ll fess up and admit I’ve been over lazy and eating, well, everything! A nice long walk with some friends a month ago was the last real exercise I’ve done and I’ve not really been watching my diet so it was no surprise when the scales announced the increase in my weight over the last couple of months.

Upside is because I no longer drive to work, I am walking more during the day, especially up and down stairs in the office, every little helps!

Equally as I’m starting to really notice my lack of flexibility I’m going to start with a simple regime of stretches every day. 7 mins a day, should be do-able, right? After that I can look to other forms of exercise but I’m determined not to do my usual which is to rush into things. Slow and steady and all that.

Anyway, step one is this, write a blog post. So if nothing else, I’ve managed that.

Quick wins people, quick wins.

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Just let me know when you’re feeling up to another walk πŸ˜€ We really enjoyed that one, although Phoebe did get a tick!

Chest infections are nasty, it’s better that you took the time to rest and recoup rather than pushing yourself *nods* just the luck of the draw.

Finish the first draft πŸ™‚ it might not make sense, you might not like it but then you’ll have something to work with.

7 minutes is good…personally I started with just three stretches, then slowly increased by adding different ones and repeating. It’s all a work in progress πŸ˜›

Thanks Auburn!

On the walk front, I’m pretty sure anyone could organise one! Don’t wait on me.

And it’s ALL a work in progress πŸ™‚

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