Full steam ahead for 2012

I’m a creature of habit, of routine. I’m not the greatest at handling change so it has taken me a little by surprise when I realised that in the past few months I’ve made some changes. Mostly based around how I use my computer; I’ve changed my main browser from Firefox to Chrome, dumped Delicious and moved to Pinboard, ditched Remember the Milk for Wunderlist, and I’m currently looking at leaving Flickr and taking (a smaller set of) my photos to a different service, probably 500px.

Elsewhere I’ve been slowly changing things, as well. Trying to find more time to read, making more of an effort to cook healthy meals, doing a little more exercise. A large chunk of the year has been spent, I now realise, in rediscovering myself, finding out more about who I am. A completely honest appraisal of me. It was painful at times, I got a lot of it wrong but now, now it all feels right.

All of these changes have been subtle, and weren’t part of any grand plan other than a general theme of ‘better’, but it seems to be working for the most part and I hope to continue this approach in 2012.

That said, some things didn’t change the way I thought they would as I didn’t do much in the way of writing in any form, either here or anywhere else. I kept a private diary for a while, sporadically still do, and I could blame Twitter, or Facebook, for this but as neither of those are places I would use to publish any form of ‘writing’ I just have to admit that I’ve lost the joy (need?) of publishing. My “social media interactions” have moved on, it seems.

This post isn’t about resolutions, I don’t really do them although there are ‘themes’ for this year but as I’m still getting over the vestiges of my Hogmanay cold I’m not yet willing to admit it’s 2012 proper.

So, for me, 2012 will be about ‘better’ and most definitely about ‘happier’.

2011 was a year of highs and lows. Unfortunately the lows ruled the day but then, without them, I wouldn’t be set to have, what I’m determined will be, an awesome 2012.

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  1. Blue Witch said:

    This post isn’t about resolutions

    … but it does sound as if it is about resolution. Which is always a good thing.

    January 5, 2012

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