When is too many, too many?

When is too many, too many?, originally uploaded by Gordon.

I may have a problem.

In this photo there are 11 sets of headphones.

  • 3 – Sony MDR-ED 21LP
  • 1 – Apple iPhone set, with inline mic
  • 1 – generic headset with mic
  • 1 – Sennheiser PX100
  • 1 – Sennheiser PX200
  • 1 – Sennheiser EH1430
  • 1 – Sennheiser PMX70
  • 1 – Griffin Tunebuds
  • 1 – a-JAYS Three

I have a further 2 sets of generic iPod (white) headphones, and one set of Bose In Ear headphones which I use at work.

That’s 14 sets of headphones.



Update: I started writing this post mid-tidy up of some boxes full of cables, about 10 mins after publishing I’ve finished the tidy and found… another set of headphones (silver versin of the Sony MDR-ED 21LP).


I need help.

Anyone wanna buy a set of headphones from me?


  1. I have loads of headphones too: good ones in my desk at work, a couple of noise eliminating pairs for travel (one REALLY good pair), a pair for general hacking about with my iPod, and absolutely piles (tangles, actually) of ones I’ve tried for running. I’ve never quite found the right pair, and I have a low tolerance for either crappy sound or a poor fit. Actually, thanks to the related post I was pointed too from here, I’ve just bought a pair of PMX80s and they’re BRILLIANT. Good tip, chief!


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