And per se and

One thing that continues to keep me blogging, and writing, is my love of words.

I write for a living. Well that’s not strictly true these days, but my profession is focussed on technical content, the bulk of which comes in the form of the written word.

I write for a hobby. Mainly here on this blog, and on my other blog, ohh yeah and that blog I hardly ever post to anymore.

And whilst I won’t be tackling NaNoWriMo, again, this year, it remains something that intrigues me (quantity over quality, hell yeah!).


There it is, that word. And. The also. The join.

My mind tends to form patterns, relating X to Y, noticing that Y and Z are similar in some aspect as well and (ohh there it is again) it will probably try and find a connection between Z and X.

It’s a useful trait, once I’d identified it in myself, and one of which I’m quietly proud. The ability to make connections between ideas has helped my professionally and personally.

It’s also a good word for clarification. Yes it’s a bit rude to respond with a one word answer but it does leave a nice open space into which you can throw additional information. Someone presents you with some information and in one word you can let them expand on it without directing them in anyway.


And ampersands are the graphical representation of this (technically they are a logogram).

And what is the point of all this? I hear you ask.

The ampersand, as a personal motif, fits. It’s a good representation of me, of my attitude to life, and my constant strive to question myself and push myself. I don’t always succeed, but who does?


I’ve decided to mark these thoughts in a very permanent way. Now, when I look in the mirror, my motif will be staring back at me, framing the questions that drive me forward.

Say hello to my new tattoo.


  1. graybo said:

    I would have thought that you would have & instead.My (now, saldy, departed) English teacher (who was a Scot) would have gone into a fury if ever anyone used an ampersand to signify “and” when writing. It really was a guaranteed way to press his buttons.

    November 2, 2009
  2. wee sis said:

    I’m confused I thought it was going on our back? Nice though I like it!

    November 2, 2009
  3. mum said:

    I like it too as it’s ‘different’ What struck me was that it looks a bit like the old fashioned capital ‘E’ which I was taught to write (many moons ago). In that case it’s your gran’s initial which makes it appropriate in her birthday month.

    November 3, 2009

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