Half Landing*

I may have mentioned this before, or at the very least hinted at it, but I’m big on planning. I research things, figure things out, make sure I understand them and then progress. If money is involved then I’m always keen to get the best I can, or something unique and original.

So when it comes to a major bit of house renovation like, say, getting a new bathroom fitted, obviously I’m going to spend a lot of time preparing for something like that, right? Well I should’ve but, truth be told, the bathroom is small, there aren’t many options (or at least I didn’t think there were) so after receiving some quotes we decided to go ahead.

Which means that tomorrow the plumber arrives to rip out the current bathroom and on Monday they’ll come in and starting tiling. We’ve chosen the wall and floor tiles, as well as some ‘effect’ tiles. We’ve picked out the bath, shower, lights, sink and w/c but, as of yet, we’ve yet to decide what goes along with them.

We’ll either get some built-in units under the sink (boxed in alongside the w/c) or we might just decide not to bother. We have a small cabinet which holds plenty so don’t really need any more storage. So we might end up with a nice wooden counter top and just get the rest boxed in.

It’s all been a bit of a rush since we got back from our holiday and I can feel my stress levels rising every time something else comes up to be discussed. Frankly I’m teetering near the “fuck it” stage.

It’ll all work out in the end of course, same as it did, eventually, for the kitchen. Hopefully we won’t be without a bathroom for a month though, that’d be a bit awkward… and smelly.

* The post title is in tribute to my prim and proper wee Granny. The bathroom in my parents house is on the half landing and rather than say she was going to the loo she always referred to it as “visiting the half landing”. I do miss her.


  1. mum said:

    Me too.

    June 13, 2009
  2. K said:

    That’s a lovely prim and proper wee Granny phrase. It’s good that even something like that sparks nice memories 🙂 Hope everything goes well with the bathroom fitting, I expect flickr photies like the kitchen ones!

    June 13, 2009

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