DIY Time?

Hellooooo Oooo ooo

Blimey, isn’t the house big when you take down all the tat Christmas decorations.

As ever, with the house returned to a semblance of order (ohh I do like a bit of order) thoughts turn to DIY. Namely the funny patches of paint just inside the living room door where we’ve daubed various shades of blue and grey in an effort to see which colour is best.

I don’t mind painting, it’s fairly painless, it’s the preparation that is the hassle.

Choosing the paint, buying the paint, getting out the old paint brushes, realising the old paint brushes weren’t cleaned properly and having to go back to the DIY store to buy new ones.

Digging out the roll of edging tape, edging off the.. ohh balls we’ve run out.

Back to the DIY store.

Edges done, paint on walls, time to clean the brushes with the…

Back to the DIY store.

And so on and so forth.

And that’s all before someone decides we should really rejig the living room, wouldn’t the sofa be better there, or maybe there?

And so on and so forth.

Still, I do have one little DIY project which will bring a little bit of personal pride to our living room. The hang of some of my photos. Still sussing out how best to do it, but have the fishing line prepared and think, if I can get it right, it’ll look fab. Photos of the.. er.. photos.. will follow.

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re mutliple trips to the DIY store, surely you could use one of your iPhone apps to create a list of things for a task, check ’em at home, tick what you need, then go and get it all at once?

Or is that too geeky?

Yes of course, that’s what I do. Not geeky at all.

Presuming I, you know, remember the ‘make a list’ bit first of all ๐Ÿ˜‰

mum says:

My list (how I love them) always disappears somewhere between the house and the DIY store.

Ian's Mum says:

We did all off this the week before Christmas. Plasterer…the lot. One thing just lead to another with countless trips to Homebase etc etc …finished now , well nearly and no divorce!

We have the coldest weather in ages, so at 8am tomorrow we are going to have the conservatory removed, leaving the house open to the elements (it opens off the kitchen). Strangely, Hels and Tom have decided to move out to Hels’ parents for the duration, leaving me stuck here as someone has to keep the place secure.

Send thermals.

New conservatory should be in place by 4pm Friday.

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