Red Bull

Is Red Bull the Marmite of my generation?

Although strictly speaking, Marmite is the Marmite of our generation but bear with me here…

Red Bull, that sickly sweet, caffeinated drink, the one that gives you WINNGGSSS, seems to be increasingly popular. Particularly when mixed with vodka. Standing at the bar the other night instead of vodka and coke, the tipple of choice for the 30-somethings of the evening appeared to be, almost exclusively vodka and red bull.

As an aside, why is the alcoholic part of a mixed drink always first? You don’t order a Tonic and Gin, do you? Hmmmm.

Where was I? Ohh yes, Red Bull.

Six cans of Red Bull (no vodka) got me through an overnight drive to Torquay a few years ago, and more recently several glasses of Red Bull (with vodka) got me through a night out into the wee small hours of dawn and whilst I’m not sure that it helps, or whether it’s more my ability to handle vodka instead of my usual post-beer tipple (Southern Comfort), I certainly wasn’t suffering as much as I thought I would be (and that includes several tequilas).

That said, it does seem to be a love/hate kinda thing.

So, if Red Bull gives you wings, where would you fly to?

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Reading this post makes me feel very very old.

And very very sad that so many people spend so much money on abusing their bodies in this way, and feel that they can’t have a good night out without getting totally pissed.

Bet you’ll have a different take on this subject in 10 years time… ๐Ÿ˜‰

BW – Who said anything about not being able to have a good night out without getting totally pissed?

You really shouldn’t tar everyone with such a broad brush BW, it’s not very becoming…

K – shush you.


Just going by the number of headaches claimed in recent months…

‘tonic & gin’ well, only in “Piano Man”.

I love abusing red bull & vodka, together and seperately…but 6 cans in one night sounds scary!

beth – of course, good spot on Piano Man!

BW – I should really start counting those I guess. Although I still state that a good night and getting pissed don’t go hand in hand. Just seems that way I guess from the evidence. The drinking culture here in Scotland is quite different from Englands (in some ways, not others).

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