On not running

Not jogging today as I have a twinge in my back. It happened at some point at work on Friday, just a wee tweak of a muscle I’m sure but I really don’t want to risk it. I’ll try to go out tomorrow night I think.

The jogScotland programme helps when this happens, it’s a slow build from one level to another, so missing one run doesn’t set you back. This morning I had planned, after my run, to go and support some co-workers who are running a local 10K with the aim of supporting Cancer Research. I might still wander down…

But having looked at the weather, maybe not. It’s one thing to go for a run in the howling gales and lashing rain that we’ve experienced this past week, quite another to just stand about it in. A lot of people have expressed amazement that I enjoy running in the rain and the only way I can explain it is to say that it’s very much like being a kid again. Sploshing through puddles and not worrying about getting dirty, it’s fab!

The wind? Yeah not so much, and I’ve already got the running tights looked out for the first of the snow.

What? Ohhh shut up…

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Running in the rain is great, it keeps you alert and gives you a reason to keep running, just to get back home and inside.

Swimming in the rain in Iceland’s outdoor, naturally heated swimming pools is something you should try!

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