Anyone got any words I can borrow? I need to find more than 140 characters worth as that’s all I seem capable of at the moment.

So, I’d like to blog, I really would but I’m now stuck, not paused. Odd that.

In times of old I’d just keep typing and see what turned up, usually a load of old tosh (you HAVE checked out the archives, right?) but I’m struggling to do even that.

And, to be honest, there isn’t any good reason for it. The events of last week have passed and it turns out that my thoughts on presents is probably something I should’ve considered better before I posted.

I could post a follow up to that I guess.

Or I could always update my 100 Things, or maybe ask for more questions that I can answer?

Or… you know, something else.

Meh. I dunno.

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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Welcome to The Nothingness ๐Ÿ˜‰

[cue tumbleweed]

Maybe you and I should swap post ideas/drafts/half-baked notes. I’ve got at least one year’s worth of them piling up in WordPress.

Fancy writing about a birthday weekend in a house in the middle of Norfolk where the birthday boy had requested all his guests to turn up in drag?


No credit crunch jokes? No commentary on the American Election? Nothing on the latest round of appalling “reality” phone-in cash-cows? No good telly? No books read? No opinion on the incredibly varied weather recently? Christmas coming too soon? Halloween vs Guy Fawkes Night?

I’m sure something will turn up…

Hells Bells Gordon! You’ve got a cat, use him!

It really is okay to have a rest and *gulp* NOT write anything. I do it all the time. Just cannae be @rsed, even to the point of stopping abruptly in the middle of a sen…

I think I stole them all. Sorry buddy. I’ll STFU soon, I promise.


I find “fluorescent”, “trepidation”, “somnambulism” and “trundle” are all surplus to my requirements at this prsent time. Feel free to use them liberally as you wish.

Is this the right comment box for wishing you a Happy Birthday?


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