Do children still play in the street?

Excuse this burst of nostalgia, but whilst tidying up this weekend I happened across some old school diaries and various notes and letters to my Mum, scrawled in my own fine hand aged between 7 and 10 or 11 (roughly). One thing that struck me was just how much I used to do when I was younger. Excluding the piano lessons and practice, the Boys Brigade and visits to see my Gran I used do a lot.

Memories came flooding back, times of mammoth Monopoly games that would span weeks at a time, bombing round the street on my bike, playing tag with a spud gun, and that one where you tied some poor sod to a lamppost and everyone ran off to hide. Tennis in the street when Wimbledon was on, cricket on the big patch of grass round the back when the Tests were on, and football at every other turn because, after Action Man, that’s what boys did back then.

I had a pretty damn good childhood, until my sister came along to spoilt it (KIDDING!! Or am I?), and I realise this may just be down to the fact that I’m getting older but kids don’t seem to do as much these days? Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t see kids outside playing, it’s just that I don’t see as many as I (think I) could.

Of course I can’t really comment on this, not being a parent.

Still it was nice to flick through the old notes and diaries of my childhood. Remembering the red trainers, visiting my Mum in hospital, and even the time I had to put cream on my “wili” (see, even back then I was a blogger in the making, no holds barred!!), There were even some slightly more up-to-date photos, including one of my sister and Louise, hey it might even make for a good caption competition.

Right, enough of that, I’d better say goodbye because she’ll kill me when she sees I’ve posted that photo!! Was nice knowing you all!

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“Of course I canโ€™t really comment on this, not being a parent.”

Not a parent? Ollie would beg to differ… ๐Ÿ™‚

You need this…

(Sorry, I’ve no idea how to “embed” these things)

We weren’t allowed IN the house during the summer. It was the same for my older two boys. George however needs to be levered away from his Wii/Playstation/computer to get some fresh air.

I often wonder what today’s passive technology consuming kids will recall of their childhoods. Not the variety of things we do, that’s for sure.

And everything costs so much to do these days. Apparently…

One mum of 2 I know told me that she spent nearly 6 grand on clubs, lessons and activities for her kids last year. Why, I said, did she not get them to join scouts or guides when it’s almost free. “That’s not trendy!” she said with a dismissive look. “Junk modelling, helping with the gardening?” I suggested. “The gardener wouldn’t like that and I don’t want glue everywhere – or to have teh end results littering the house!” she replied.

Sad, very sad.

I won’t ask why your ‘wili’ needed cream ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wife! says:

My Mum used to say that the worst way to punish me was to keep me in! We were free to wander the scheme and surrouonding fields at our leisure as long as you were home for dinner! It is sad that, even as adults, we feel the need to ‘check in’ just in case someone is worried. Ruddy mobile phones!

and G, don’t mind the picture, reminds me that I have lots of memories with Wee Sis, I’ll pay her back one day!

mum says:

I see your penchant for correct punctuation didn’t kick in till Primary 5? Great picture of the 2 young women in your life – I’d forgotten about that one!

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