The Highest Tide

The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch

The best books are free (although it’s only £4 on Amazon at the moment, click the link above) and after finishing the Nick Hornby I was casting around for another read when my Mum handed me this. The debut novel for Jim Lynch and not a bad one.

Miles O’Malley is a young boy, small for his age, who spends his every waking hour either on, in or thinking about Skookumchuck Bay and the surrounding waters. Either that Angie, his one true love.

The book is a gentle tale of the events that surround Miles one summer, the events that will shape him as a person and set the course for his future. From his discovery of a washed up giant squid to the closing moments, drifting in a canoe, the story strolls along, charting it’s way carefully and methodically, through the various events of the summer.

A pleasant read, if a little heavy on detail on some occasions, it soon has you turning pages eager to see how things turn out. It may only ripple lightly across the literary pond but it’s enjoyable enough for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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