Granny Watch

So I visited my wee (and shrinking) Granny last night and I’m pleased as punch to report that she’s doing really well. She’s lucid, bright and yakked away for half an hour. Considering that only last week a ten minute chat was leaving her out of breath I’d say that’s a big improvement.

Better still, she’s threatened not to let me visit her again unless I return with some chocolate eclairs so I’m guessing she’s back to her usual self! (the chewy sweets, not the cream filled buns. Apparently she can take her teeth out to chew/suck on them, in case you were wondering. If you weren’t wondering, apologies for that image…)

Why the sudden improvement? Well it turns out that the nurses had her on the wrong medication (or wrong dosage)! Needless to say she was either cold turkeying or completely spaced out. Still, it’s all sorted now. In addition we are just waiting for the power of attorney to get signed over to my Mum, and my Gran has had a social worker appointed who seems to be very good (quite young = very keen!). Obviously she’s on a waiting list now, but they’ll be keeping her in hospital until a room is available. It’s a relief to be honest, as she definitely needs full-time care, in fact she’s probably needed it for quite a while but her natural stubborness kept getting in the way.

A nice long chat with her I had, talking about the Edinburgh Military Tattoo that she used to go to every year, my Grandfather’s lodge used to run a bus and her and Betty Murdoch used to go. It would pick you up on West Regent Street, take you through to Mackays for dinner, then they’d head up to the castle for the late showing. Home by midnight and all for 5 bob!

I know my Mum has heard all of these stories before but I love listening to her reminiscing about stuff like this, and at least for a change it wasn’t a story about the war! Anyway, good news for a change, here’s hoping that August brings some more our way, we certainly could do with it.

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