Life moving on

To say that nothing of note has happened recently would be a lie, to be more accurate nothing of note THAT I CAN MENTION HERE has happened, entirely different things.

So, what CAN I talk about? And more to the point what have I mentioned in passing that I’ve forgotten about .. honestly, my memory.. sheesh.

Well, have I mentioned that Louise and I have decided not to have kids? We’ve discussed having them for quite a while but have, separately, come to the realisation that not having them isn’t going to bother us… we just needed to realise that we both felt the same way, which we finally have.

That sounds bad. It’s not like we don’t talk to each other, quite the opposite, but people in a relationship will know what I mean when I say that some topics just ‘sit there’ and only come around as viable every now and then. So, when the topic of children came up a few weeks back we talked about, thought about it, talked about it some more and made our decision. We, of course, reserve the right to change our minds (accidents will happen and all that) but for our own sanity and general ‘life direction’ we thought it’d be better for us to make a decision and stick it out.

The reason I didn’t mention it here is that we wanted, obviously, to tell friends and family this news first. We finally got around to telling the last of our friends on Saturday there so now it’s common enough knowledge that I can tell you lot (don’t feel bad, I do love you all just not THAT much.. ok?).

What else?

Oh yes. I need to get back on the diet/exercise kick again. I’m figuring that having your BELT break on you isn’t a good sign…