Met up with some people I used to work with on Friday night, had a good time reminiscing about trips to Barcelona and Dublin, drunken nonsense in hotel rooms, free porn and Guinness for breakfast. Them were the days… I even managed to get the second to last train home.

It was quite nice wandering through Glasgow as the sun was finishing it’s long slow set. The sky was a deep blue, the weather balmy and people were wandering about chatting. Much better than the last orders throwing out time which is a stramash of drunken louts, this was an almost civilised stroll through a bustling night in the city. So VERY cosmopolitian, dahlings.

Thankfully, despite several alcoholic shandies, my hangover wasn’t too great on Saturday morning which was just as well as we had two nieces and a nephew staying with us on Saturday night. This included meeting them in Glasgow for Louise to take the girls shopping, and for Mark and I to hit the cinema to watch X-Men 3. Not a bad movie for what it is, and Mark loved it.

It was fun spending an afternoon with my nephew. He’s rapidly growing up and, all of a sudden, has stopped being the shy little boy who liked nothing better than sitting quietly, sketching or doodling on a pad, and now seems quite grown-up for an 11 year old.

Sunday morning I dropped them at the station – Joanne is 16 going on 21 – and headed back home to drag the lawnmower out. Louise was out at a first communion and I spent most of the afternoon in the garden.

And today? Today I have a new co-worker starting. So I’d better get my skates on and get everything setup for him…

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