The Guinness Surger sounds a bit like a bad American car but it’s actually a clever wee ultrasonic widget. Plug it in, add a spot of water to the base, sit a glass of cold, freshly poured, Guinness atop and WHOOOSH (check the video on the page).

I have to admit that I could happily lose an afternoon in the pub just watching pints of Guinness settle. There is something mesmerising and hypnotic about watching the black and cream blend and split, swirling round the glass, a tiny maelstrom settles to deliver it’s delicious payload.

Mind you, I’m pretty sure that, after a few “oooohhh” and “ahhhh” moments, the Surger would end up consigned to the depths of the bottom kitchen drawer where it would meet all those other helpful gadgets. You know the type, they are usually remnants of Modern Home Exhibitions where, with unbridled awe, you watch a demonstration of the “twirly cucumber cutter” or the “quick chip maker” and eagerly hand over bundles of notes only to find that what you really should have bought was the person demonstrating them. These people are a unique race and are the only people on the face of the planet that can operate them… thinking about it now I wonder if they were, in fact, aliens. Hmmmm. Would explain a lot, the gormless leer, the careful delivery of the presentation, the way they easily handled a gadget that you obviously need at least three pairs of hands to operate properly… yes, it’s all beginning to fit now!

Enough nonsense. Expect a ‘new’ meme tomorrow, and have a great weekend.

Anyway, where are my glasses? No not those ones, those ones.