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I watch BBC News in the morning and I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the “plug an upcoming BBC show” section. This morning it was about school reports as, apparently (I wasn’t really paying that much attention) the BBC will be a broadcasting a programme about this tonight.

So, instead of catching up on world events and, you know, news, instead I got to sit through random excerpts from peoples school reports, emailed in by viewers, including the HILARIOUS revelation that one report card stated the pupil “didn’t excel at geography” and, guess what… go on guess… bet you can’t… yes, that’s right, they are now a geography teacher. WOW!

I wish there was some way to convey just how far back into my head I’m rolling my eyes at the moment.. put it this way, it’s so far back that it really REALLY hurts. Actually, it’s a bit like an ice cream headache. Odd.

Really should stop doing it though. Hurts.


Zeldman has started using WordPress. Not such a big deal to many, but considering that up until now he still hand-coded his site it’s a fairly big step for one of the early web design “pioneers”. I’ve been reading his site for over six years ya know (and still prefer the old orange to the current ‘organic’ colours).


Billionaires are on the rise, which proves the old adage that the rich keep getting richer. Well, it’s not so much an adage as a “power-law distribution” and the same type of reasoning (the popular keeping getting more popular) can be applied to blogging as well.

The latter article is a mildly interesting read. Probably one for those who are continually pondering on WHY the “A-listers” are so deemed. Turns out it’s all our fault. Funny that.


Profumo dies (great photo of him partway down the page). This was, I’m told, a BIG THING back in the day. It was around the time of the Cold War, a period where everyone left their fridge doors open with last person to close it declared the winner (there are still some fridge doors lying ajar in deepest darkest Siberia. Allegedly)

My knowledge of the Profumo affair is solely based around the Queen song Scandal which was used for a movie based on the events. I’ve not seen the movie.

This means my knowledge of this incident includes the name Christine Keeler and that famous photo of her, a copy of which was stolen and published in the Sunday Mirror.

I’m just too young I guess.



Top Blogging Tip #23152: Post more often.

I’m basing that tip solely on the fact that my stats seem to be rising in the past couple of weeks, especially this week, when I’m finding myself posting more than once a day.

Of course this is typical. I’m far too busy, shouldn’t be blogging or reading blogs at all but with my current workload comes an increased requirement to focus on tasks at hand and that’s then turned into more posts rather than less. I’m sure smarter people than I have a term for this.

And no, it’s not task avoidance… well not completely…


Afternoon proverb: Chilli and Guinness for lunch do not a productive afternoon make. Roll on 5pm.

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