An open road

Whilst we have a few tasks to complete, the majority of the weekend stretches away into the distance, with nary a pit-stop in sight. Will we use the time constructively? Or succumb to the charms of the “lazy-ass” Sunday?

Today we hit IKEA in the a.m., purchase a new lighting fit for the kitchen (to replace one that broke) then try to get back out without spending too much more… mind you we could do with a new frying pan…

Back home we will haste, and possibly tackle the vagaries of the kitchen cupboards which are due a good clearout/clean. This is entirely motivated by envy as my Mum’s new kitchen is now finished and, according to her at least, it varies between “beautiful” and “just lovely”, stopping off at “gorgeous” and the occasional hint of “excellent” as well. She does know other adjectives I can assure you.

Saturday night, probably a movie.

Sunday, no plans.

No plans.



Can’t wait.