Stay still

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this (please God, there must be others like me!) but I do enjoy a visit to our local craft /stationery shop. It has all sorts of lovely things in it, and Louise spends a fair chunk of time and money buying stuff for her homemade cards. I get to wander round the store admiring the art department stuff, the models, the ornaments and various “craft” bric-a-brac, but for some reason I’m always drawn to the pen and pencils. They have one wall covered in all sorts of different pens, biros, fountain pens, felt tips, markers, and even those four colour biros where you can choose to write in green, red, blue and black! Ahhh memories indeed. I even spotted a set of Berol colour felt tips that I used to own as a child (the pens are all in turquoise casing with the colours displayed on the end).

Yes I could spend hours there, browsing the pens and pencils on offer, scribbling on the test pads, lost in my own little world of ink and graphite.

It’s just me, isn’t it.

Anyway, snapped this colourful shot on my phone and I quite like it.