Call it fate, or possibly artistic license, but as I read the news that some of Aberdeen’s taxi drivers are to be given customer care training, lo and behold a taxi pulled up outside and did what all good taxi drivers do; Leant on the horn for a few seconds.

Between that and their inability to use that little flashing orange light on the side of the cars, I’d happily see most taxi drivers banned from the roads. Just because they spend all day driving around does NOT make them better drivers than the rest of us, in fact I’d imagine it makes them worse as they are far too cocksure and arrogant as they drive around.

And is it so bad to have to get out of your car and go and ring a bloody door bell? Most of them could certainly do with the exercise, that’s for sure.

Ahhh yes, that’s better. Nothing quite like a bit of generalised ranting to improve the mood.

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