The RSPCA have released figures stating that the number (recorded) of abused animals is rising. In light of recent events I’m prompted to call up various comments along the lines of “if it were people there wouldn’t be such a hoohaa about it”. But why is that?

Is it simply the “it’ll never happen to me” syndrome in reverse? I can’t really understand the horror that being homeless and living on the streets must entail, nor can I get to grips with being in a violently abusive relationship. My head shudders when I try to consider not eating for weeks on end, I have no idea how it must feel to be dying.

But I’ve had pets. I grew up with a dog that I loved and who loved me back, and who I still miss occasionally. I know the bond that can form over the years until they are consider part of the family. So I have some knowledge in this area, and from that my repulsion and disgust is formed when I read of acts of deliberate abuse of animals. Animals that usually trust the human they are in the care of, that don’t really understand what is going on and why they are being abused.

Abuse of any other animal species is appalling. Let’s leave it at that.