Why don’t we teach basic financial lessons at school? Surely in these days of mass consumerism, rising debt levels, ridiculous house prices, multi-credit cards and consolidation loans, it make some sense to offer simple and practical advice?

It’s one of those things you are just supposed to “know”, isn’t it. Yet when I come across something as simple, and obvious as this:

If you carry a balance on your credit card, and you’re only able to afford paying the minimum monthly amount, pay weekly installments instead of one monthly payment. For example, if you owe £100 per month, pay £25 per week. Because credit card companies accrue interest daily on your balance, paying only once a month is a huge detriment to your fiscal health.

I find myself amazed that I’ve never considered it before. We spent some time last year trying to get a better grip on our finances, and whilst they still aren’t as tight as they could be they are a whole lot better. However as you plummet into the paperwork, you slowly find yourself fighting for air, suffocated by the jargon and screeds of small print.

Thank heavens for the Motley Fool.

Anyway, enough of this, I’ve got car insurance to sort out.