Is there a term for today’s date (05/05/05)? Or is it just the wordsmiths who spent hours and hours creating words about words?

Two things to mention today:


2. Happy Birthday to my favourite sister – I have to fight the urge to type “little” as she’s 24 now so I think it might be time to let that qualifier drop. I wonder what this year will hold for you, hopefully a new job and after that who knows. Whatever it brings just know that Louise and I want you to be happy and we both love you.

Anyway, best crack on. I’m in work early for a reason after all, although I would recommend that, next time, you get up and hit the polling booths early. We voted at 7.15 this morning, straight in, straight out, no queues, and only one idiot handing out leaflets at the door.

I know WHY they do that, but it still irks me. If you don’t know who you are going to vote for as you walk through the door to the polling station then I sincerely hope you don’t just put a cross next to the name on the leaflet you’ve just received some minutes earlier. I know it drags on, and that fighting off the apathy surrounding elections can be hard but you can sift through all the waffle quite easily these days and make a decision based on the policies being touted, rather than the “don’t vote for them because…” tactics which seems to be the focus in the weeks before an election.

Well, it’s done now. Just have to wait and see how the results pan out.

Last thought before I go, whilst I’ve mentioned spoiling your vote here, and whilst I agree with Lyle that there are advantages to making voting mandatory I do wonder if having the option of “None of the above” is valid given the current lazy attitude many seem to have when it comes to politics. Surely that chekcbox should read “Can’t be arsed thinking about it, but have to vote”?

I know I don’t blog about politics often (at all?) but I do know what policies the main parties are offering. I’ll stop there before this becomes another rant about the lack of education in society and the general ennui for “social awareness” displayed by far too many people.

Hmmm I really must use that word more often, ennui, ennui, ennui.

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