Satin and Lace

Whilst I’ll resist the temptation for name calling (in case it’s a genuine interest and not a perversion) someone is taking some interest in the lingerie aspect of my BBQ recap.

First she asks:

“You could at least tell us the results of the lingerie survey. Inquiring minds want to know”.

And then upon being told that the results were polled from only three guys she complains:

“That’s not very helpful. (Please organize a larger sample size next time)”

I have to agree. But when does a discussion amongst inebriated friends become a poll? When it’s ajar… er… hang on, that’s not right. Anyway, I started to ponder the idea, but there is a catch. Where oh where could I get a larger sample size? Hmmm, I wonder…

Oh, hello there!

So in the name of research (could I get a grant for this?) I’ll throw the comments open to you all. Ladies and gentlemen, what colour of lingerie do YOU prefer?

Note: I’m leaving the “larger sample size” intact, make your own filthy innuendos. I’m also leaving the WHY you prefer it to your goodselves.

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