Note to self: DO NOT go shopping on a payday Friday, particularly after a five week month. Standing in a queue for 25 minutes isn’t fun and doesn’t help your blood pressure.

Our local Asda is 24 hour, except for the booze of course and as the prime reason for going shopping was to pick up beer for tomorrow’s barbeque we had no choice but brave the hordes. I think the last time I saw Asda that busy was at Christmas. Mental, pure mental.

I wonder what they made of our conversation though, a deep and highly intellectual discussion we had, pondering on the physiology and psychology of both “chicks with dicks” and “dudes with boobs”. Fascinating stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. We neatly segued into packing strategies, before finally departing with a car full of shopping.

The same car will be full on Sunday as well. We’ve just finished going through our wares for the day, some 100 odd videos, and various bits and bobs and we’re all set. Of course I’m discounting the fact that the car boot sale starts at 9am on Sunday morning, a time I rarely see on a quiet weekend let alone the day after a notorious barbeque.

So, it’ll be quiet here for most of the weekend, although be sure to come back on Sunday evening for tales from our entrepreneural debut. Our first million may be some way off but every journey begins with a hungover morning spent in a damp and windy car park somewhere in Hamilton. If you don’t believe me, just ask Confucius.

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