Light Drizzzzle

Ick. What a horrible day. Solid grey sky, walls of drizzle, faded light. Mind you, it might just be that the office windows need cleaned.


Is it acknowledgement or acknowledgment?


My nephew has gotten himself a tattoo. A large tattoo which reaches down his upper arm to below short sleeve level (just). It would be awfully hypocritical for us to suggest he doesn’t get any more but I am slightly concerned about how future employers will view them.


Crapola. Bloglines is down. Now I don’t even have a diversion, I’ve got to work!! Nooooooo…..


Popped in to see my parents last night, they’d been down to York and stopped in at Alnwick on the way back. My Dad was showing me some photos he took and I suddenly realised that Louise and I had been in the same place at the same time of year? Why this sudden realisation? Because my Dad and I took almost identical photos of Alnwick castle – here’s mine. Like father like son, eh!

Ohh and they got themselves a rather lovely new Laguna. I’m not jealous at all, honest (but BOY was I thinking about it this morning as I whipped our little Peugeot 206 along the motorway).

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