In an ongoing effort to both lose weight and regain some level of fitness I’ve managed to drag out the elliptical trainer quite often over the past few weeks, and can now manage around 10km/20-odd minutes most nights.

However it’s entirely based on my ability to find something on TV to divert my attention away, something immediate, that doesn’t lag at any point (no adverts!) and can successfully distract me for up to 30 minutes. So far the only thing I’ve found that works is sport specifically football as, unlike my favoured basketball, it doesn’t stop every two or three minutes for adverts. This is why I don’t do well in the gym.

So, this evening at 5pm I’ll be back playing 5-a-side. Hopefully I can go at least a year without snapping ligaments, breaking bones or generally ending up in casualty. Mind you my aims for this evening are to get through at least 15 minutes before collapsing in a wheezing sweaty puddle. It’s one thing to aimlessly “stroll” along on an elliptical trainer, but once my competitive side is involved I’m like a 10 year old kid, taking on the world as a one man defensive unit and forgetting that I’m an overweight, unfit 31 year old who has played ANY competitive sport for about six months.

Fingers crossed please.