Tubular Bells

Nestlé just keep getting it wrong, don’t they. Obviously they weren’t happy breaking World Health Assembly requirements, now they’ve really gone and done it.

Now this might come as a bit of a shock, so make sure you are seated, and put down any beverages you are holding. In fact if you can arrange a protective circle of cushions around your chair that might be safer.

All set?

They are changing the shape of the Smarties packaging.

I’ll just let that sink in a bit. Get those memories flowing, sorting them into colours, collecting the plastic lids, keeping them for Blue Peter’s Tracy Island model.

OK, read on.

The director of marketing said: “We don’t change something this famous just because we feel like it,” (no it’s because we want to try and make some more money, and we know, whether people like it or not, they’ll buy it just to see what it’s like).

Already the complaints are flowing: No more “karate-chopping” the tube to fire the plastic lid across the room, no more charity drives where you fill a tube with 20p pieces, no more strange enjoyment from waiting to see which letter was on the underside of the cap.

As someone commented: “Whatever next? Square Polos?”

Alas it’s just what happens with blocked products these days. The product may be fine but if you can come up with another way to ‘sell’ it then you’re quids in! Pyramid teabags are a perfect example, they don’t make better tea, yet people will pay an extra 10p per pack. Soon adds up.

So, to the people at Nestlé please stop mucking about. Ohh and get that baby milk thing sorted to, it’s the least you can do.

Ohh and if anyone from Cadbury’s stops by, can you make the “Finger of Fudge” a bit bigger, or double pack them or something? Thanks.