Cancel Everything

Christmas has passed. As has St. Valentine’s Day. Next up is Easter but I say we just cancel it this year. And every coming year as well. And not just Easter. Let’s be done with the lot of them.

Mother’s Day, out you go! Father’s Day, scrubbed from the calendar! Be Nice To The 17th Person You Meet Day, sorry you no longer exist!

There. That’s better, isn’t it. A calendar that is free from Halloween and St.Patrick, and the only reason to buy a card is if you still have friends that celebrate their birthdays – but that’s just SO last year that surely no-one still does THAT – or if people have the audacity to get married, have kids or leave a longtime job. Moving house can be tolerated but only if one HAS to and only then if the circumstances are such that there really is no other option.

So, that’s Hallmark out of business along with most of the other commercial entities that attach themselves to these ‘occasions’. There are no longer any occasions that can be commercially exploited (any of the minor ones that remain will soon die out as they rely on the guilt buying “they bought me one so I’d better buy them one back” ideology) and everyone is much happier.

That’s right, isn’t it? We’d all be much happier. Of course we would. Well, you’d think so at any rate, especially if you take into account the vicious outpourings that accompany such dates.

Christmas? It’s exploitation, commercialism gone mad, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!

St. Valentine’s? An excuse to over charge on flowers and restaurant prices. It’s not about love any more, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!

Honestly, I expect better, and frankly I’m getting bored with it. The vitriol and crap that spouts forth when these occasions swing round is astounding. Granted I’m no big fan of the way these calendar dates have been commercialised but they are only over-commercial IF YOU BUY INTO IT. The constant backlash is almost enough to transfer as sympathy for those poor unbought easter eggs on the supermarket shelves (almost, but not quite).

God, it’s like those people that complain about TV programmes and want them censored. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. It’s simple enough, hell these days you don’t even need to get off your arse to do that, what’s the big deal?

Or maybe I’m just an old romantic. How about we ban everything except St. Valentine’s day?